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Master’s Degree in
Visual Tools to Empower Citizens

3rd Edition

Reasons to take the course

There is a growing demand (an urgent need, it could be argued) for a hybrid profile that merges design and computing. Qualified professionals are needed who are capable of designing visualisation solutions for the public sector: from transparency tools aimed at citizens to intelligent systems for data-driven understanding, exploration and decision-making.

Professionals are required who can work within public administrations, but also in media or companies that wish to make data accessible to a specific audience or to a sector of their customers.

The specialised training described here is not offered anywhere else. International studies contain part of the content offered through this Master but in those studies the aforementioned content is not geared towards practice or towards the professional opportunities that currently exist.


In November 2019, the Publications Office of the European Union organised the first EU DataViz conference, under the motto “Serving citizens from better data visualisations”. The event brought together more than 500 people (mostly from the public sector) to discuss how to meet the needs of communities. Transparency laws passed in recent years in Europe require governments to open repositories of public information. However, if the general public does not understand the explanations of open data, public actions are of little use. This idea was reflected at the EU DataViz, both in the talks and in informal conversations. Public entities have a duty of care to citizens; they must create interfaces that explain and enable the discovery of data.

This Master aims to make strides in improving the visual literacy of data, as a citizen empowerment tool designed to measure and evaluate evidence-based public policies. At the same time, it aims to guide public administration bodies, research institutes and the media in good visualisation and transparency practices.

Make data visible and use for social good

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